Programs and Services

  1.  Financial Management for overseas Filipino (OF) families

The City Government of Masbate conducts a financial literacy program to promote financial wellness and effective income management among OF families of every barangay.

Focal Person:      Ms. Katrina Lim

                              SWO III



  1. Special Recruitment Activity and OFW Desk

 The City Administrator’s Office, through PESO, regularly conducts this activity and targets unemployed OFW who are planning to apply again abroad. The PESO also manages the OFW Desk, a one-stop shop for OFWs and their families left behind. It helps our kababayan to address their migration-related issues and concerns.

Focal Person:           Mr. Judel Briones

                                    HRMO IV / PESO Designate



  1. Parent Effectiveness Session

 This program is also extended to OF families in every barangay to further strengthen their family and their role in community development. This includes different sessions like financial literacy, health and nutrition and values formation.

Focal Person:           Ms. Katrina Lim




  1. Empowerment of OF associations and groups

 Through the help of PESO, they encourage the different associations in decision-making and active participation on migration-related activities conducted by the Committee on Migration and Development and concerned regional line agencies such as OWWA.


  1. Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS)

Through the CSWDO, the City Government aims to help individuals, especially OFs and their families, in crisis situation through financial assistance covering education, health, burial, financial, food, shelter, and transportation assistance.

Focal Person:           Ms. Grace Velza

                                    SWO III



  1. City Scholarship Program

 The City Scholarship Program provides scholarships to deserving but less- privileged high school graduates who want to pursue college education. This program is in partnership with local private run schools and state universities. Those who would like to avail of the program may apply through the City Scholarship coordinator in the City Mayor’s Office.


For more information, visit the City Government’s official website. (Click here)