As of 2016, here is the list of the operational cooperative in Masbate City:

  1. Usab Padayon MPC
  2. Cagay Farmers MPC
  3. Cawayan Ext. Livelihood MPC
  4. Sampaloc Malinta Farmers MPC
  5. Bolo Traders Credit Cooperative
  6. Igang Farmers MPC
  7. Biyong Aksyon Padayon MPC
  8. Masbate City Butchers Credit Cooperative
  9. Masbate City Tricycle Operators & Drivers Credit Cooperative
  10. Masbate City Big Families Credit Cooperative
  11. Masbate City Thread Women Tailoring Producers Cooperative
  12. Naga-Urupdanan Tricycle Drivers Credit Cooperative
  13. Balai ni Nene Women Producers Cooperative

 For more information about Masbate City’s cooperatives, you may contact:

 Mr. Eder Torres

Coop Office